How To Choose A Best Health Insurance Plan in India?

Written By: Manish Sharma

Last Updated: July 11, 2023

How To Choose A Best Health Insurance Plan In India

Are you looking for a best health insurance plan? 

Don't worry! In this post, I'll share the tips that can help you choosing the right health insurance plan for you. 

Well, choosing a right health insurance becomes very essential now. You might get confused in picking up the best health insurance. 

So, without wasting your time let's get into these 5 tips.

How To Choose A Best Health Insurance Plan In India?

The below are few tips that can guide you to pick the best health insurance plan.

1. Know Company

In India, we have a lot of health insurance companies. In order to choose the right plan the first step should be doing a research about the company's reputation, background, network hospitals, settlement process, claim settlement ratio and more.


Consider general insurance company over life insurance company. The reason being the cost of health insurance plan offered by life insurance company is higher than a general insurance company.

2. Know the Sub-limit Clause

Most Health Insurance companies come with sub-limit clause such as room rent, diagnostics or doctor's fees in order to tackle the health care cost. 

For example, Assume you have taken a health insurance plan for sum assured of ₹ 5,00,000.

And the company has capped the room rent to 1% or ₹5,000 a day (whichever is higher), if the limit exceeds you have to pay the balance amount.

So, you should know the sub-limits before choosing the health insurance plan.

3. Know the Waiting Period Clause

When choosing a health insurance you must pick the minimum waiting period. 

If you have any existing illness you are advised to choose minimum waiting period health insurance.

4. Know Network Hospitals

You should always consider the network hospitals covered under the health insurance policy. Consider the health insurance policy which offers maximum number of hospitals in your area. Else your investment in health insurance will not be availed in times of emergency.

5. Know Inclusions & Exclusions

Health Insurance plans covers a set of diseases, also there are certain exclusions as well.

While choosing a health insurance plan you must carefully check the inclusions and exclusions as well. This will help you from headache in the future.

6. High claim-settlement Ratio

Claim-settlement Ratio means the total number of claims settled by health insurance provider against the total number of claims received. 

Whenever choosing a health insurance you must keep an eye on the number of claim-settlement ratio. The higher the claim-settlement ratio the better the plan.

7. Renewable Plan

Renewal of health insurance plan is necessary when growing at an old age the chances of illness are higher and likely to have more diseases, that may lead to more medical expenses. 

Always give more preference to those health insurance plans that offers lifetime renewability.

8. Compare the Health Insurance Plans

The last important tip is to compare the health insurance plans for picking out the best plan for you. You should compare the similar set of benefits and pricing so that you could get the best out of your plan.


It's important to have a health insurance done for your family, the above tips mentioned will enhance your knowledge which buying an health insurance plan. 

Hope these tips helps you to choose a best health insurance plan in India. 

Ps: There's nothing called best, all you can get is better. 

How To Choose A Best Health Insurance Plan In India?


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