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SIP Calculator

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) calculator is an online financial tool that calculates the returns you make on your weekly, monthly & quarterly SIP investment. This calculator lets you enter your weekly, monthly or quarterly periodic investment amount, total period/duration of your investment in years, your expected annual returns and inflation rate(optional). By enterting these details, this SIP Calculator generates the maturity amount and the gain that you can expect in return after all the regular payments(your Investment). Moreover, it also shows you the projected SIP returns for various time durations.

SIP Calculator
SIP stands for Systematic Investment Planning. This service is generally offered by the Mutual Fund companies. One has to invest even a small amount of money periodically according to his/her goal of what they want to achieve. It is a passive approach to earn compound money over the years without knowing anything about the market.

How to use SIP Calculator?

Mutual fund companies take the money from the investors and invest their money into the market. Customer does not have to care about the market fluctuations. These investments are generally best suited for long term investments, which helps the customer to earn maximum Compound Interest. NEED TO WRITE MORE, write about how you can get maximum profit from sip scheme, like take some figures like you should Invest atleast 5000 per month for 20-25 years so that you can get better return. Discuss about what expected return rate you should consider, discuss according to present scenerio, what the situation right now in 2020, mention 2020 whereever possible, write about inflation , how inflation affect your SIP INVESTMENT, why you should always consider inflation while using SIP calculator, what inflation rate you should select according to 2020.

    Benefits of SIP -
  • Investor does not have to know very much about the market.
  • You can plan and invest according to your own pace and earnings.
  • It helps to achieve a planned portfolio in terms of asset allocation.
  • One can skip or alter a monthly cycle anytime they need to do so.
  • Better returns than many other ways of saving money like Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits etc.

Why you should invest in SIP rather than opting for any other investment plan?

SIP is a best option to start investing for someone who want to invest in certain scheme which can give him better return after a fixed interval of time as SIP pays off high returns in the long term with the guarantee of substantial growth in investments and involves fewer market risks as compared to other equity investments. There are several other factors which into play while we talk about why SIP is a better option then any other investment. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Less term and condition : With SIP investment the term and condition are not that complex as compare to other. Here you simply select a mutual fund scheme with the fixed amount that you want to invest per month or per quarter, for a particular period of time. You can choose whether you want to pay manually every month or quarter or you can automate this process by auto debit the fixed amount from your bank.
  • Suitable for Middle class people: The SIP investment is more popular among all classes of people because you can invest any amount from 500 per month to any amount you want.
  • Skippable Monthly Payment: You can skip the payment of any month, you want. You can pay the amount with the payment of next month.
  • Penalty on discontinuing the plan: You can stop your plan anytime you want. There are no penalties for discontinuing the plan.

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