Zerodha vs Angel Broking Comparison 2023 – Brokerage Charges, Margin

Last Updated: November 18, 2022

Zerodha and Angel Broking are two one of the best discount brokers. 

Did you noticed I mentioned angel broking a discount broker?

Yes, you heard right. Angel broking competes the discount brokers after they revamped their flat rate brokerage plans.


In this article, you will get the detailed comparison on Zerodha vs Angel broking.

Let's have a look at the comparison of Zerodha and Angel broking.

Zerodha vs Angel Broking - Best Service Overall


Angel Broking

Brokerage Charges

Trading Platform

Customer Service

Overall Rating

Active Clients



Zerodha vs Angel Broking - Account Opening Charges, Brokerage Charges, Margin


Angel Broking

Account Opening Charges

₹200 + ₹100(commodity)

Free + ₹36 for KRA


₹300 pa

₹450 pa

Equity Delivery



Equity, F&O, Currency, Commodity

₹20 per trade or 0.03% (whichever is lower)

₹20 per trade


Zerodha vs Angel Broking - Detailed Review

Here's the detailed review of Zerodha & Angel Broking.

Zerodha Trading and Demat Account Review

Zerodha is the founder of discount brokerage concept in India. Zerodha was founded in 2010 by Nithin Kamath. It's the biggest(client-wise) and the best discount broker in India.

Zerodha has over 2 million clients. Zerodha charges a fixed brokerage of ₹20 per trade for intraday and zero brokerage on delivery.

Zerodha is the complete solution and integrated with advanced charts, technical analysis and other tools. It's the first choice of most of the traders.


  • Zero Brokerage for delivery
  • Nominal & fixed brokerage
  • Low non-trading fees
  • No minimum deposit required


  • No live chat (You can contact on their Telephone & Email)

Angel Broking Trading and Demat Account Review

Angel Broking is one of the oldest brokerage companies in India. It's a full-service stock broker best for those who are looking for flat brokerage.

Angel Broking has flat brokerage of ₹20 Intraday, F&O, Currency & Commodity. It's one of the best stock brokers that competes biggest discount brokers.


  • Fixed brokerage of ₹20 
  • Advanced trading platform
  • Stock tips & research reports
  • Largest full-service broker with flat brokerage charges


  • Account Maintenance Charges are higher than competitors


That's all from my side. If you are looking for a discount broker who provides a good trading platform, flat brokerage then you can open account with Zerodha.

If you are looking for full-service broker you can open account with Angel Broking. I hope this Zerodha vs Angel Broking comparison helps you to choose the best suitable platform for you.


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